Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weekend? What weekend?

Last weekend went something like this for me.....

Attend Master's Creativity course at University of Tampa on Friday evening from 6 - 9:00pm. Join classmates for one much needed drink after class.

Attend Master's Creativity course at UT on Saturday from 8- 4:00 pm. Get home in time to take James to a local ice cream parlor for a mommy-and-me date. Then go to the park for some much needed swinging and sliding (close down the park!) Get home, get James all washed and in bed. Have "home date night" with husband. Have so much fun during "home date night" that we vow to do it again on Sunday!

Get up on Sunday morning and go for a run at the gym. Come home, get cleaned up and head back to UT for another Sunday afternoon class session.

Arrive home with headache and spend the rest of the evening vegging out on the couch. Muster up the energy for another "home date night" with hubby!

Go to sleep and rest up for the work week!

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