Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mr. Dramatic

So, it was a typical Monday. Morning was spent cleaning the house and then we were off to our afternoon playdate at Baby Bungalow.
Please note: I do not have the talent nor the equipment to take such high-quality photos. All of these photos were taken by my mommy friend, Susan. She is a local photographer who just happens to have a son, Benjamin in our playgroup. You'll see some more of her work later!

I briefly walked out of the room to speak with another lady at the center and this is what followed. Complete melt-down with crocodile tears and hands held up to his face. Oh, the agony!

Of course, once I stepped back into the room and picked him up, all was right and happy in the world again!

James' Hawaiian name is Kekoa, which means The Brave One.

We call this his Warrior Face.

This is his friend, Benjamin (yes, there are two Benjamin's in his playgroup!) I've been giving James' eskimo kisses, where you rub noses together (my dad used to do them with me). He loves getting them and just cracks up every time. Now, I guess he is sharing the love!

Nice drool, Benjamin!

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